“Parmish Verma’s SDA Studios Launches Gurkaran’s New Album “Slowly But Surely”: An Inspiring Musical Journey from Down Under”

It’s an exciting day for fans of the Punjabi music scene, as SDA Studios has just launched Gurkaran’s new album “Slowly But Surely.” The debut album for Gurkaran, famous for his viral song “Dollar” and live singing videos, marks a significant milestone for SDA Studios. Not only does this album highlight Gurkaran’s unique musical talents, but it also stands as the inaugural release for SDA Studios, the record label named after Parmish Verma’s daughter.

Gurkaran’s journey from Australia to the world of Punjabi music has caught the attention of none other than Parmish Verma himself. Parmish has been seen as a strong supporter of Gurkaran’s work, relating his own struggle as a young artist to Gurkaran’s journey. Verma’s passion for this project reflects his own roots in the industry, reminding us of the time when he had to fight through obstacles to make his mark.

Just nine years ago, Verma released his first YouTube video, starting with a modest base of 60 subscribers. Today, as a successful artist and producer, he shares his experiences on his Instagram, expressing the trials and tribulations behind the scenes that often go unseen. “It’s hard life where no one will see your countless sleepless nights but will judge you all day,” Parmish reminisces, hinting at the demanding path towards success.

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The pride in Verma’s voice is palpable as he announces this album release. “I’m Glad I’m able to share my platform with several artists,” Parmish stated in a recent Instagram post, lauding Gurkaran, who he refers to as “another young blood from Australia.” He went on to congratulate Gurkaran on the release of his album under the SDA Studios label.”Slowly But Surely” includes six distinct tracks: “Ignore Them,” “Wronghood,” “Titlo,” “Zaalma,” “Shameless,” and “Trucky.” Each song brings Gurkaran’s unique voice and the resonating tunes crafted by music maestro Shekh.

The project has been guided by Amrinder Bhangu, with Parmish Verma producing the album and Hardy Ludhiana heading business operations. This stellar team has managed to bring Gurkaran’s musical vision to life, creating an album that truly embodies his journey – slow, but sure.In an industry that sees countless artists vying for the spotlight, “Slowly But Surely” and its underpinning story of grit and persistence serve as an inspiring reminder that success is a journey, not a destination.

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Aman Khanna, the visionary director behind the latest masterpiece “Ignore Them,” has left audiences spellbound with his exceptional creativity. With the release of the music video on SDA Studios’ YouTube channel, Khanna’s artistic prowess takes center stage. The seamless blend of Edit/VFX/Colour by the talented Yatin Arora, along with the remarkable Asst. VFX contribution from Asheesh FX, elevates the visual experience to new heights. Harshwinder Singh’s invaluable assistance in editing and Harjot’s skillful work as the Assistant Director of Photography further enhance the video’s captivating allure. Aman Khanna’s directorial brilliance shines through, bringing together this collaborative effort into a visual masterpiece that captivates viewers, leaving them in awe of his creative genius.

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