Pendu Mafia Records’ New Signee Husan Makes Waves with Debut EP “Deserve” on Sony Music Label

Pendu Mafia Records, the influential record label that has quickly risen to prominence, has recently made headlines by signing a host of talented artists to its roster. Among them is the up-and-coming singer Husan, who has just released his eagerly anticipated debut EP, “Deserve,” on the esteemed Sony Music Label.The EP, which was released on April 11th, has garnered widespread praise for its catchy tunes and soulful melodies. Penned by lyricist Arsh Sarpal and produced by Snipr, “Deserve” showcases Husan’s unique vocal abilities and is set to propel him to stardom.

1 Deserve EP

Pendu Mafia Records, known for nurturing and promoting the careers of numerous successful artists, has meticulously managed Husan’s journey thus far. With their guidance and support, the young singer has been able to make a strong impact with his first EP, captivating audiences and critics alike.The lead single from the EP, also titled “Deserve,” is already making waves across various platforms, gaining traction for its heartfelt lyrics and infectious beat. The track perfectly encapsulates the overall theme of the album, focusing on the idea of self-worth and the pursuit of dreams.

As part of the promotional efforts for “Deserve,” Husan is expected to embark on a series of live performances and media appearances. These events will not only showcase his exceptional talent but also help further establish his presence in the music industry.Pendu Mafia Records has once again demonstrated its commitment to supporting fresh talent and providing a platform for artists to flourish. With Husan’s debut EP already creating a buzz, it is evident that the partnership between the record label and the rising star is set for great success. Fans and music enthusiasts can look forward to more incredible releases from Husan, as he continues to make a name for himself under the expert guidance of Pendu Mafia Records.

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