PM Modi’s Collaboration with Singer Falu for ‘Abundance of Millets’ Earns Grammy 2024 Nomination

The Grammy Awards, renowned as the pinnacle of global music accolades, have recognized a unique collaboration in the music industry. The song ‘Abundance of Millets,’ which features Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and is performed by Indian-American singer Falu, has been nominated for the 2024 Grammy in the Best Global Music Performance category.

This song, released in June 2023, stands out not just for its musical quality but also for its message promoting the benefits of millets. Falguni Shah, known professionally as Falu, and her husband Gaurav Shah, lent their voices to this influential track. In ‘Abundance of Millets’, PM Modi can be heard emphasizing the importance of millets in adopting a healthy lifestyle.

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Falu, a Mumbai-born singer and lyricist, disclosed that the song was co-authored by her, her husband, and PM Modi. The genesis of the song traces back to Falu’s meeting with PM Modi in Delhi after her Grammy win in 2022 for ‘A Colorful World.’ During their conversation, PM Modi proposed the idea of creating a song that could contribute to ending hunger, harnessing the transformative power of music.

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