Police Confirm Arrest Of Hacker Suspected Of GTA 6 Leak And Rockstar Hack

Following a string of cyber crimes against Rockstar Games and Uber – resulting in a substantial GTA 6 leak – London police have confirmed the arrest of a 17-year-old suspected to be involved in the hack.On Sunday, September 18, over 90 videos and images were leaked containing detailed footage of the upcoming Rockstar Games title Grand Theft Auto 6. This is the next installment in the iconic GTA franchise that players have been waiting for nearly a decade.However, Rockstar Games were not the only ones affected by the hacker. According to an update from Uber Newsroom, the popular ride-sharing company had also been the target of the cyber-criminal.The update also claimed that the FBI was conducting an investigation and that they suspected the attacker was affiliated with a hacking group called Lupsus$. A popular hacking forum – Breached – identified alleged it was an adolescent who goes by the moniker ‘White’. 

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On the morning of September 23, the City of London Police tweeted they had arrested a 17-year-old in Oxfordshire on suspicion of hacking. The arrest was made as a part of an investigation supported by the National Crime Agency.While the London Police did not state that the arrest was in connection to the Rockstar Games hack, source Matthew Keys revealed that the arrest was “related to intrusion on Rockstar Games and possibly Uber Technologies.”Keys also stated that the Police are expected to provide more details regarding the 17-year-old’s arrest and that we could also see a statement from the FBI.As of writing, the suspect remains in police custody. ‘White’ was arrested earlier this year for similar crimes but reportedly received “a slap on the wrist” with no real punishment.

The GTA 6 hacking suspect has also been identified online as the leader of Lapsus$, a group responsible for cyber crimes against Microsoft, Cisco, Samsung, Nvidia, and Okta.

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