Punjab AGTF Arrests Trio for Deporting Criminals Using Fake Passports

The Punjab Anti-Gangster Task Force (AGTF) has successfully arrested three individuals accused of facilitating the deportation of criminals from Punjab using fake passports. The trio, identified as Onkar Singh, Sukhjinder Singh, and Prabhjot Singh, were allegedly involved in a highly organized inter-state immigration scheme.According to the Punjab AGTF, the suspects were apprehended after a detailed investigation into the illegal immigration racket. Duplicate passports were also recovered from their possession, further strengthening the case against them.

The accused had allegedly been operating an intricate network to help criminals from Punjab escape legal consequences by deporting them to other states using fake passports. By exploiting the vulnerabilities in the immigration system, the group managed to move the criminals undetected.The trio’s arrest is a major breakthrough for the Punjab AGTF, as it not only dismantles an organized crime network but also sends a strong message to others involved in similar activities. The authorities are now focused on identifying and apprehending other individuals who may be linked to the illegal immigration racket.Further investigation into the matter is underway, and the suspects are likely to face serious charges for their involvement in the scheme. The Punjab AGTF has emphasized its commitment to curbing organized crime and ensuring the safety and security of the state’s residents.


The arrest of Onkar Singh, Sukhjinder Singh, and Prabhjot Singh serves as a stark reminder of the need for increased vigilance against the illegal immigration of criminals. The Punjab AGTF’s efforts demonstrate the importance of law enforcement agencies working together to combat this growing problem and protect the public from potential harm.

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