“Punjab Police Crack Down on Bullet Motorcycle Modifications; Mechanics Now Face Legal Repercussions”

In an unprecedented move, the Punjab Police have issued strict directives concerning Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycles in the region. With immediate effect, mechanics who modify or change the cylinders of these popular bikes will be liable for legal action, under Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code.

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This initiative is part of a larger campaign by the Punjab Police to curb noise pollution and ensure road safety, two major issues linked to the modification of Bullet motorcycles. Royal Enfield Bullets are a cultural icon in India, and particularly in Punjab, where they are a common sight on the roads. However, unauthorised modifications, specifically of the exhaust cylinder, have been found to increase noise levels significantly and have contributed to accidents due to modified performance characteristics.

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Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code pertains to “Disobedience to order duly promulgated by public servant”. This means that mechanics who are found modifying the cylinders of Bullets can be charged under this section, as they are disobeying a directive laid out by the law enforcement authorities.

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Senior officials from the Punjab Police Department have affirmed that these directives have been issued in response to a growing number of complaints from the public about the noise pollution caused by modified Bullet motorcycles. It is also an attempt to reduce the number of road accidents caused due to reckless driving, enabled by these modifications.

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“Modifying a motorcycle’s exhaust cylinder not only affects the noise levels but also the performance of the bike, potentially endangering the rider and others on the road. This directive aims to put an end to this dangerous practice,” said a senior official of the Punjab Police Department.While some mechanics have expressed concerns about this directive’s impact on their business, the police have assured them that these measures are being implemented with the public’s best interest in mind. They have also requested cooperation from the mechanics and the public in enforcing these directives.

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Motorcycle enthusiasts and environmentalists have applauded this move by the Punjab Police. They believe that it is a step in the right direction in maintaining the integrity of the iconic Bullet motorcycles, reducing noise pollution, and promoting road safety.The police department will continue to monitor the situation closely and take further actions if necessary to ensure public safety and peace. This directive underscores the department’s commitment to uphold the law and promote responsible behavior among the public.

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