Punjab Singer Happy Raikoti Accused of Promoting Arms In Song, Faces Complaint From Jalandhar Police

The Jalandhar police have filed a complaint against Punjabi singer Happy Raikoti, accusing him of promoting arms through his songs. The complainants allege that Raikoti’s song has a negative influence on the young generation and demoralizes them, increasing their sense of violence. They have demanded that the government take action against Raikoti and remove the song from YouTube immediately.


The complainants, including Professor MP Singh, Girish, Gautam Kapoor, and Raghuveer Singh, have called on singers to refrain from using language promoting weapons and drugs, stating that it is their responsibility not to sing provocative songs. They have also highlighted the Punjab government’s ban on the exhibition of weapons and called for weapons and drugs not to be promoted in songs.

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The court has also emphasized that weapons and drugs should not be promoted in songs, and Raikoti’s song has been described as a direct challenge to the government. The controversy has once again brought to the fore the issue of the role of singers in shaping the culture and values of society.

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In conclusion, the accusation against Happy Raikoti highlights the need for responsible songwriting and the promotion of positive values in popular culture. The government and society at large must work together to discourage the glorification of violence and negative influences on the youth.

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