Punjabi Artists Under Fire for Inciting Fans to Gamble, Social Activist Raises Anmol Kwatra Concerns

The world of entertainment has always been a hub of controversies, and this time Punjabi artists are under fire for promoting and inciting their fans to gamble. Prominent names such as Himanshi Khurana, Parmish Verma, and Karan Aujla have come under scrutiny for their involvement in encouraging gambling practices

This has sparked concerns among social activists who have been raising questions about the negative impact of these practices on young minds. One such activist is Anmol Kwatra, a popular Punjabi model and social activist, who has taken a stand against these celebrities and their promotion of gambling apps.

In a recent video shared on social media, Anmol has called out bloggers with massive fan followings for promoting gambling apps and inciting people to gamble. He believes that this trend is not only morally wrong but also has serious consequences for the mental health and financial stability of young people.

Anmol’s efforts have received widespread support from netizens who are calling for stricter regulations on gambling and the role of celebrities in promoting such practices. The debate around the ethics of celebrity endorsements and the impact they have on their followers is not new, but this recent controversy has reignited the discussion.


In conclusion, it is important for all celebrities to be mindful of the influence they have on their followers and to use their platform to promote positive values and behaviours. The promotion of gambling practices, particularly to a young audience, should be discouraged and efforts should be made to create awareness about the potential harm that can be caused by such practices.

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