Punjabi Beat Reverberates on Instagram: The Top 9 Viral Songs of July 2023

The vibrant Punjabi music scene has once again captured the hearts of listeners around the globe in July 2023, with Instagram providing a powerful platform for its expansion and influence. Nine tracks, ranging from raw ballads to high-energy dance anthems, have been trending, creating a wave of Punjabi euphoria on the platform.

Topping the charts is “Check It Out” by Parmish Verma featuring Paradox. This highly-anticipated collaboration has made a massive impact, with Verma’s melodious voice blending harmoniously with Paradox’s powerful beats. The track’s addictive hook and vibrant video have caught fire on Instagram, attracting millions of views and shares.

Shubh’s “Still Rollin” followed closely behind, providing a refreshing sound with its unique blend of traditional Punjabi beats and contemporary rhythm. Its foot-tapping music and catchy lyrics have quickly transformed it into a viral sensation.

“Worldwide” by Arjan Dhillon brought in a global perspective, blending the singer’s deep and soulful voice with evocative lyrics that resonated with audiences far beyond Punjab. The poignant video helped propel the song to viral status.

In fourth place, “Sapp” by Watan Sahi featuring Armaan Bedil struck a chord with the audience with its heartfelt lyrics and soulful tune. The duo’s sublime musical chemistry has seen the song shared widely on Instagram.

Harkirat Sangha’s “Patti To Patiala” added a dash of cultural essence, narrating a rustic tale that echoed in the hearts of Punjabi music lovers. The beautiful rendition has earned high praise and a spot in Instagram’s trending songs of the month.

“Star” by James Brar and Gurlez Akhtar offered a high-energy anthem that quickly became the soundtrack of numerous Instagram reels. The catchy beats and Akhtar’s robust voice have made it a favorite among listeners.

“Get High” by Sucha Rangeela and Mandeep Mandy, with music by Sachin Ahuja, provided a lighter, upbeat track that played out as the perfect summer anthem. The entertaining music video featuring the duo’s charismatic performance has garnered extensive views and shares.

“Dagebazziya” by Husan offered a modern, stylized take on Punjabi music. Its catchy rhythm and Husan’s distinct vocal style made it a memorable hit, trending on Instagram’s music charts.

Last but not least, “Classmate Rebirth” by Ranveer brought a wave of nostalgia. Ranveer’s soulful voice along with the lyrical masterpiece took listeners on a journey back to their school days, sparking shares and likes across the platform.


In conclusion, July 2023 proved to be a phenomenal month for Punjabi music, with these top tracks becoming viral hits on Instagram. Each song, with its unique rhythm and style, has successfully contributed to the global appeal of Punjabi music. As the rhythms of the dhol continue to reverberate, it is evident that the Punjabi music scene is here to stay and grow on the global platform.

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