Punjabi Singer Raka’s Revealing New Track ‘Hikayat’ Chronicles His Struggles and Triumphs

Renowned Punjabi singer Raka, famed for the hit track “Amli Anthem,” has recently released a new song titled “Hikayat.” The poignant piece offers a deeply personal insight into his struggles and hardships, portraying the raw realities of his life.

“Hikayat,” which translates to “story,” is Raka’s narrative of overcoming life’s trials and tribulations. One of the most striking revelations is that the singer had served a year in jail, a fact he hadn’t shared publicly before this song.

In the song, Raka sheds light on the difficulties he faced due to caste discrimination, adding a social dimension to his music. This problem, deeply rooted in society, affected him personally and professionally.

Raka also shares a heart-wrenching tale of how he was deceived by an agent who promised him a better life overseas. This setback left him so financially strained that he had to sell his gold chain and car to make ends meet.

However, his passion for music remained unswerving. Raka learned to create music through YouTube tutorials, a testament to his self-taught skills and determination. A single transformative phone call then took him from his village to Chandigarh, significantly changing his life’s trajectory.

“Hikayat” doesn’t shy away from describing a darker phase in Raka’s life. Once, a police report filed against him led to his arrest, and he underwent physical and emotional torture without understanding the reason for his detention. This incident drained his resources, pushing him further into hardship.

Yet, upon his release from jail, Raka bounced back with a bang, releasing the now-iconic song “Amli Anthem.” This track proved to be a game-changer, propelling him back into the limelight and transforming his life once again.

His eccentric hairstyle also drew criticism, with parents blaming him for setting a trend that their children were eager to follow. Raka’s commentary on the generation gap, stating that today’s youth are more influenced by their favorite singers than their own parents, triggered further criticism and controversy. After voicing this opinion, he faced threats and was even physically attacked once.Despite these trials, Raka’s spirit remains undeterred. He is an artist committed to speaking his truth, regardless of the backlash.

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The video of “Hikayat,” directed by Bir Singh, deserves commendation for its impeccable storytelling. Despite its length of eight minutes, the track is so engrossing that it doesn’t feel drawn-out. The visual storytelling complements Raka’s lyrics perfectly, capturing diverse locations, including a breathtaking shot from West Bengal.

In conclusion, “Hikayat” is not just a song; it’s Raka’s personal narrative of resilience and strength. Through his music, he gives voice to his struggles and victories, proving that it’s the challenging chapters that shape our story.

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