Punjabi Singers Amy Virk and Ranjit Bawa Speak Out Against Fake News Spreaders

In today’s digital age, the spread of misinformation has become a serious problem. Recently, Punjabi singers Amy Virk and Ranjit Bawa fell victim to fake news spreaders who distorted their pictures and spread false information about them.

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The news in question was published on the web portal of ABP Joint on March 10. It showed Ranjit Bawa sharing a picture with Amy Virk. However, some mischievous elements distorted this news and claimed that the two singers had supported Amritpal.In response, Bawa took to his Twitter handle to condemn the spread of fake news. He urged the perpetrators to have some sense and not spoil the image of artists. He also pledged to take legal action against those who create fake news in their name.

Similarly, Amy Virk also spoke out against the fake news spreaders on her Instagram story. She urged people not to spread fake news and questioned why they couldn’t breathe a sigh of relief. She also vowed to take legal action against those behind the misinformation.

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The incident highlights the importance of being vigilant against the spread of fake news. It is crucial to verify information before sharing it with others, as the spread of misinformation can have serious consequences. We must all do our part in combating this problem and ensure that the truth prevails.

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