“Rabb Da Radio 3” Ft Tarsem Jassar & Simi Chahal Film Date Announced

Film “Rabb da Radio”1 and 2 are both just loved by the audience. the lead role in this film was done by Simmi Chahal and Tarsem Jassar. so it is news for you all that Rabb da Radio 3 is released on the 29th of March 2024.the shooting of this movie is started and the director of this movie is Manpreet Johal and Ashu Munish Chahni. Both Tarsem Jassar and Simi Chahal are loved by the audiences who always come up with something new.

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firstly if we talk about Tarsem Jassar he is a Punjabi singer and actor who worked in many films like Maa da ladla, Afsar, Sardar Mohamad, Uda Aida and so many others. he also sang many songs like Galwakdi, Tera Tera, Raunda Wala, Creez etcetera. people are fans of his swag and personality.

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on the other hand, Simmi Chahal is also a well-known celebrity and the audience is just fans of her acting and cuteness. she worked in many movies like Danna Pani, chall mera putt,bambukat,sarvaan and many more.now they both again come together in Rabb da Radio 3. the first and 2 parts are also highly loved cinematic pieces of Pollywood. the movie comes from the genre of family drama and tells the truth.

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so we the team of sirf Punjabiyat congratulated all team. hopefully like us, you all are also very excited about this movie.

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