Rap Icon Badshah Unveils ‘Saville’: A Trendsetting Bar and Lounge in Chandigarh

In a glittering testament to his multifaceted career, acclaimed rapper Badshah has expanded his horizons beyond the music industry. Today marks the grand opening of ‘Saville’, his newest venture—a chic and stylish bar and lounge located in the heart of Sector 26, Chandigarh.

‘Saville’, named with a nod to sophistication and style, promises to be more than just a nightspot. It’s an embodiment of Badshah’s vision of blending music, fashion, and lifestyle. With its sleek interiors and an ambience that screams luxury, ‘Saville’ is set to redefine nightlife in Chandigarh.

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The rapper, known for his groundbreaking tracks and a significant influence on the Indian music scene, has personally curated many elements of ‘Saville’. From the playlist to the decor, every detail resonates with his signature style, ensuring that ‘Saville’ is not just a bar, but a personal experience crafted by Badshah himself.

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The grand opening today has been the talk of the town, creating a buzz on social media. Badshah took to his social media platforms to extend an invitation to his fans and followers, calling it a “dream project” and inviting them to be a part of this new journey. The announcement has garnered immense excitement among his fans, who eagerly anticipate experiencing a place that mirrors the artist’s creative vision.

In the words of Badshah, “Saville is not just a bar, it’s an experience.” As the music icon ventures into this new domain, the city waits in anticipation for what is set to be a game-changer in its social scene.

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