Rap Icons Divine and Sidhu Moosewala Tease New Track ‘Chorni’, Set to Release this Week

In an exciting piece of news for fans of Indian rap, Mumbai-based rapper Divine, famous for his contribution to the Gully Rap movement, has just teased the poster of his latest song titled “Chorni”, featuring none other than Punjabi sensation Sidhu Moosewala. The song is slated to release later this week, amplifying anticipation among fans across the globe.In an Instagram post on Sunday, Divine (Vivian Fernandes) unveiled the poster of “Chorni”, which showed the two rappers, their confident gazes hinting at a powerful track about to be unleashed. Sidhu Moosewala’s inclusion in the song marks another significant collaboration for Divine, whose previous associations include heavyweights like Naezy, Nas, and Dave East.

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Divine has been a critical factor in popularizing ‘Gully Rap’ in India, with his narrative style encapsulating the life and struggles of Mumbai’s underprivileged youth. The combination of his raw lyrics and groundbreaking music has reshaped India’s rap landscape, making him a household name. His life and journey also served as the inspiration behind the popular Bollywood film, “Gully Boy”.On the other hand, Sidhu Moosewala, a prominent name in the Punjabi music industry, has carved a niche for himself with his distinctive vocal style and poignant lyrics, often exploring themes of love, heartbreak, and Punjab’s rural life. Known for his chartbusters like “So High”, “Just Listen”, and “Warning Shots”, Moosewala brings a unique flavor to every collaboration.

The pairing of these two influential artists suggests that “Chorni” could be a fusion of Punjabi and Mumbai street rap, promising to be an interesting sonic experiment and potentially a groundbreaking track. Both artists have their unique styles and strong fanbases, which makes this collaboration even more exciting.While no further details about the track have been released yet, fans are already buzzing with excitement on social media. The announcement has sparked speculation about the lyrical content, musical style, and the potential impact of this collaboration.

The song “Chorni” is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated tracks of the year. As the release date draws closer, fans are eagerly waiting to see what these rap icons have in store. The successful fusion of Gully Rap and Punjabi music could mark a pivotal moment in the Indian music industry, broadening the genre’s appeal and pushing boundaries.

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