Reason Behind Amul Butter Shortage in Punjab And Other Countries , Details Inside

Amul is an Indian dairy which was formally registered on December 14, 1946, This brand is very popular among Indians because it provides dairy products like milk, butter, ghee, and so many others. Recently, there one very viral news about Amul is that there is a shortage of Amul products in the market, it was complainant many consumers. why it happened ? let’s talk about everything in detail.

The customer has been tweeting and complaining to the Amul company about the shortage of their products in Delhi, Ahmedabad and Punjab and asking questions from the company, they said that due to the high demand for the product during Diwali, everyone can face the problem. it can be known from many videos that firstly this problem came in Ahmedabad and from 20 to 25 days this problem also come in Delhi.

Regarding the shortage, the distributor said that there is less supply from Amul factories, The demand for butter is increased but supply was decreased that’s why the consumer and distributor both face problems .no brand of butter is available in the three states due to the less supply from factories.on the other hand, there are many food bloggers and even in restaurants people use too much Amul better and sold their food expensive this is also one of the reasons that there is a shortage of butter in the market .

RS Sodhi managing the director of Amul and said that during Diwali there was too much demand for this product which production level to be affected. he also announced that between 4 to 5 days we will announce the supply confirmation and will be available in the hands of the consumer.

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