“Sarabha” Breaks Records: First Punjabi Film to Dominate 72 US Theater Screens!

In an unprecedented move that showcases the increasing global appreciation of Punjabi cinema, the film “Sarabha” has etched its name in history. It has become the first-ever Punjabi film to secure a grand release on 72 theater screens across the United States.

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Historically, while Bollywood movies have enjoyed wide releases in the US, regional Indian films, including Punjabi ones, often had a limited theatrical presence. However, the massive screening of “Sarabha” underlines the changing dynamics and the rising stature of Punjabi cinema on the global front.

Directed by Kavi Raz, “Sarabha” boasts of a compelling storyline, stellar performances, and top-notch production quality, making it a must-watch. The movie’s unique blend of rich Punjabi culture with universal themes has struck a chord with both Punjabi diaspora and mainstream audiences.

The decision to premiere it on such a wide scale in the US reflects not only the movie’s inherent strength but also the recognition of the vast Punjabi community residing in the country, eager to connect with their cultural roots. This release will undoubtedly pave the way for more Punjabi films to dream big and reach out to global audiences.

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Industry experts believe that this milestone could mark the beginning of a golden era for Punjabi cinema. As regional films from India start to gain more traction internationally, there’s potential for increased collaboration, investments, and global box office collections.

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