Shahi Majra Web Series Review : Quite A Fascinating And Engaging Crime-Drama-Thriller, Shahi Majra Webseries Will Keep You On The Edge Of Your Seats

Our punjabi Ott platform Chaupal tv Brought us a great piece of work Shahi Majra which is directed by prem singh sidhu and written by Raju verma. This is a webseries of 8 episodes and its Main starcast includes Sawan rupowali Nikeet Dhillon and a little twisted character played by Ninja.
Its a story about a girl named agam maan who came from Mansa to Chandigarh for study and got herself a room in Pg Named ‘Shahi Majra’. She’s a Very simple decent girl who don’t know about This Sparkeling City of Chandigarh. But somehow she got pg friends company and these girls are very bold, they like to party, drink and smoke. However agam got into their circle and which leads her to do illegal activities which got herself Killed. After that SHO Gurnaaz bhullar aka Sawan rupowali handled this case to solve this Murder Mystery but How SHO Gurnaaz found the murderer of Agam its very interesting story to watch.

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Direction: this webseries is directed by prem singh sidhu who previously directed Please kill me, Zindagi Zindabaad etc. He is a writer, director and theatre artist so we can see the influence of theatre in his work. As talking about Shahi majra he really bring something new to punjabi audience and its a very fresh concept.

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Story and Dialogues: Shahi majra is for ott platform so maybe this is the reason that dialogues and story has some liberty. This series is written by raju verma and for the sake of story every word is put on its exact place to serve the story precisely. Although its quite bold in language but it fits in the story very well.

BGM and Songs: Shahi majra is a murder mystery of a girl and how this mystery got solved. Its needs to be feel deeply and to feel the connection with story the BGM played big part in it. BGM fills the exact terror in any particular scene. Bgm and songs are placed in such a good way which help to elaborate the story of Shahi Majra well.

Acting : main starcast of this series includes Ninja, sawan Rupowali and nikeet dhillon. As a lead Nikeet dhillon did a wonderful job in playing journey of a Girl named Agam maan.
She portrayed decent and bold sides of agam very brilliantly. On the other hand Sawan rupowali as a cop did an amazing job. Besides this Honey mattu, Anita shabdeesh, Sanju solanki, Gurpreet toti, taniya mahajan, Divjot kaur, Anchal rana, Manpreet Mani did mind blowing job as an artists.

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In a conclusion you should watch Shahi majra as a story of a girl who got herself killed with her mistakes. As its a murder mystery but still It teach us about all those loopholes in our society who leads to this murder.

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