Shree Brar’s New Album “7 Raniya” Out Now , Review Inside

Well again an album of shree brar “7 Raniyan” is out now. Shree brar is well known singer and writer in punjabi entertainment industry. There’s no doubt that he earned name and fame through his talent. He was interested in writing song since he was in school.

Let’s talk about this album, he released 7 songs in this EP. First song is “Taskar” is out with official Teaser, sung and written by shree brar and the female vocalist is Mahi sharma. Music given by DJ flow, video by Param Chahal. Both singers did a splendid job. Song “we roll” sung and written by shree brar, music is by DJ flow. Next song from this playlist is “EX x” is also written and sung by shree brar and music by DJ flow.

“OG” song is a duet song, sung and written by shree brar, female vocalist is Gurlez Akhtar. Another song of this playlist is “Minecraft” will definitely loved by people. Now this song is sung and written by Shree brar as well and the amazing music is by DJflow.

Song “Black Pink” is written and sung by shree brar again, beautifully presented the whole track. Boys will definitely love this song. Now last song “7 Raniyan” is the title track of this album, again sung and written by Shree Brar. Music produced by Dj flow and presents by Shree brar and fateh Karan.

All tracks of this album are unique and will be receiving lots of listeners. Moreover, all the 7 tracks are now streaming on each music application so go and listen this amazing stack of shree brar’s.

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