Shubh Worldwide Completed 500+ Million Spotify Streams Only In 6 Songs , Details Inside

All artists are facing towards success, just like that our well know singer Shubh have accomplished a new level. He is a young artist and has earned many fans through his talent of his singing. It is a great achievement for an artist to get to such level at his young age. However, Shubh is a talented artist and he deserve it all.

Now, Shubh have 500 million streams on Spotify. Yes you heard right, he have now 500 million plus listeners on Spotify music streaming application. He just released 6 songs and no doubt all songs are banger. 500 million plus listeners and just 6 songs, it is an amazing goal for an artist.

His song “we rollin” was a breakthrough for him and after that every song is a banger sang by him. His songs are baller, No love, we Rollin, offshore, elevated and Her.

Let us tell you, Singer Shubh is the younger brother of famous anchor Ravneet singh, who is famous for the show “canteeni mandeer”. Punjabi music industry is proud to have such artists. Shubh’s fans are proud of him. He just released 6 songs at his very young age which are now buzzing in every corner of this world.

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