Sidhu Moosewala and Divine Revive Original ‘Chorni’ After Fan Criticism: The Journey and Impact

Music, a beautiful form of expression, can sometimes be a tricky terrain to navigate for artists. A change in the usual style or composition can lead to contrasting reactions from fans, as recently experienced by popular music artists Sidhu Moosewala and Divine with their much-anticipated song, “Chorni”.

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“Chorni”, a track that had been eagerly awaited by fans across the globe, was released with much fanfare. The artists, Sidhu Moosewala and Divine, known for their unique styles, had stirred up quite a storm in the run-up to the song’s release. However, post-release, fans found the song had gone through several transformations, including changes to its beats and vocals, which were not quite what they had expected.Fans voiced their disappointment online, expressing that the alterations in the beats and vocals were in stark contrast to what they had anticipated from the artists’ original style. They felt that these changes had deviated from the unique sound that both Sidhu Moosewala and Divine are known for, leading to a wave of criticism.

In the face of this criticism, Divine took to his social media account to pacify his disappointed fans. He reassured them that he had taken note of their feedback and would make the original version of “Chorni” available. True to his word, an updated or “stage” version of the song was released, which fans have now termed the “older version”.There have been some who are skeptical about this sudden change, arguing that it’s impossible for music stores to update a track within a mere 24 hours. This skepticism, however, has been countered by industry insiders who argue that given the song’s huge demand and significance, it was possible for the stores to expedite the process.

The updated “older version” of “Chorni” has been warmly welcomed by fans who appreciate the familiar beats and vocals they had originally anticipated. This incident illustrates the importance of the artist-fan relationship, where music serves not just as an artistic expression of the creators but also as an emotional touchstone for the listeners.


This recent controversy is an important reminder of the power that listeners hold in shaping the music they love. As the initial tumult subsides, it will be interesting to see how this incident influences the artistic choices of Divine and Sidhu Moosewala in their future projects. Meanwhile, fans can now enjoy the song “Chorni” as they had initially expected, a testament to the artists’ dedication to their audience.

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