Sidhu Moosewala & Steel Bangelz “Mera Na” Releasing Soon , After Approved By Sidhu’s Parents , Details Inside

Steel Banglez a close friend of sidhu moosewala, they released few songs together. He is a producer in punjabi music industry and have a unique taste in music. He is currently sign to warner bros records.

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Steel Banglez recently shared a post on his Instagram saying hit one million comment for Sidhu’s new song release. However, after sometime he deleted the post while sharing a story on his insta saying “my mother told me ‘son let the music do the talking”.

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Sidhu Moosewala’s fans always waiting for his new songs, he is a legend and will aways live in heart of people through his songs. Fans are now waiting for more information about this song and expecting from steel Banglez to release Sidhu’s song soon.

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