Sikander Kahlon: Igniting the Punjabi Rap Revolution from Mohali’s Streets

Sikander Kahlon isn’t just another name in the Indian rap community; he is a revolution. Born and bred in Mohali, Punjab, Sikander has etched his mark in the rap industry not just as an artist but as a trendsetter.

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Profile and Background

Born on 13th August 1994 in Mohali, Punjab, Sikander Kahlon’s tryst with music began at a young age. Unlike many in his genre who adopt catchy stage monikers, Sikander chose authenticity, using his real name as his stage identity.

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This decision highlights his genuineness and the raw emotion he brings to his tracks. At 27, he has already achieved milestones many dream of.

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Associated with the band Kala Kurta Gang (KKG) based out of Chandigarh, Sikander, along with members Kaka Sady, has been creating waves in the underground Punjabi rap scene.

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Journey through Music

Sikander’s introduction to hip-hop was early. By 11, he was absorbing rap tunes, and soon he was penning down lyrics, showcasing his burgeoning talent.

His debut Punjabi rap “Desi Put Jawan” might have disappeared from the internet, but it heralded the entry of a prodigious talent. His initial years, marked by mixtapes between 2012-2014, are testimonies to his prolific output.

Preferring albums over singles, his debut album “SIKmatic” in 2012 was just the beginning. Collaborations with famed artists like Divine from the “Gully Boy” fame came next, with tracks like “Bandana Gang” elevating his stature in the industry.

Noteworthy Albums and Tracks

With over 150 music tracks to his name, Sikander’s discography is vast. Albums like ‘Mohali Messiah’,

‘The Punjabi Trap’, ‘God Is Watching Through Birds’, and ‘ARYA’ are fan favorites. His annual “flow series” is eagerly awaited by aficionados, marking significant calendar events for them.

Tracks like “Chal Chaliye”, “King In The North (KITN)”, and “Butter Chicken Butter Nan (BCBN)” showcase his versatility.

Also, his contribution to the film “Manmarziyaan” and appearance in “Jaane Kyu De Yaaron” have further expanded his horizons.

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Awards and Recognitions

Recognition for Sikander Kahlon’s prowess isn’t confined to just his fan base. His nominations for the prestigious Mirchi music awards, in both Listener’s Choice Album of the Year and Critic’s Choice Album of the Year categories, are a testament to his growing influence in the music industry.

Conclusion From Mohali to the grand stages, Sikander Kahlon’s journey is a testament to hard work, raw talent, and the magic that can be created when the two combine.

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With a promising career ahead, Sikander Kahlon is not just future of Punjabi rap; he’s redefining it.

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