Sikh Protesters Met with Lathi Charge in Chandigarh Amid Calls for Release of Imprisoned Community Members

Chandigarh witnessed a volatile scene on Wednesday as Sikh protesters demanded the release of jailed members of their community. The demonstration took a violent turn as the protesters attempted to break through police barricades, leading to a lathi charge by the Chandigarh police.The protesters had gathered in large numbers, calling for the release of Sikh prisoners who they believe have been unjustly detained. Despite repeated appeals from the police to maintain peace and follow protocol, the protesters persisted in their attempts to break through the barricades.
Video Source – News18 Punjab/Haryana/Himachal

As tensions escalated, the Chandigarh police were forced to take action, resorting to a lathi charge to disperse the crowd. While the situation has since been brought under control, several protesters and police personnel sustained injuries in the commotion.The Sikh community has expressed their discontent with the handling of the situation, alleging police brutality and the unjust treatment of their jailed members. The demands for the release of the imprisoned Sikhs and a thorough investigation into the incident continue to be at the forefront of their concerns.This latest turn of events has once again brought to light the ongoing tensions between the Sikh community and the government. As the situation continues to evolve, it remains to be seen how the authorities will respond to the demands of the protesters

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