Singer Chani Nattan Cross 5m Listeners On Spotify , Details Inside

Today we are going to talk about the famous punjabi Singer, writer and music producer in punjabi entertainment industry Channi Nattan.

He worked with Diljit Dosanjh and Intense such as Unforgettable, umbrella, save your tears, still around and many more.His song “Dakku” sung by Inderpal moga is a biggest hit. Channi have his own youtube channel, on which he usually release his all songs.

Along with the talent of producing music he is a kind person who have done lots of charitable act. So, he started his career in 2017 with his single track “Roos”. He is known amongst the Sikh community for his songs about the struggle since the Sikh genocide prior to 1984.


Moreover, he hails from canada and has collaborated with many punjabi artists. Also, he wrote the song ‘umbrella” sung by Diljit Dosanjh which was a total banger. Without any doubt Channi is a successful artist in Punjabi entertainment industry.

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