Song Review : No Complaints By Prabh Joban

“No complains” song has been out which is sung and composed by Prabh Joban, written by Jagjit and music is done by Skywar released under the label Tin Rang Music. Prabh is already for his debut song “21 Singh” based on ‘battle of Saragarhi’ which was released 4 years ago and it was a hit song and been in limelight. And that song Released Before movie “Kesari”.

Amazing thing is his first song “21 Singh” was a hit, and then after he did his second song. However, he stopped his singing career for some time due to some personal reasons, now finally he began his singing career again with song “No complains”. He is also a silver medallist in Vocal.
Moreover, the writer of “No complains” Jagjit singh had already done songs with famous singer Prem Dhillon such as Just a dream and Dream Unfold, and will be doing more songs with him.

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