Sukhan Verma to Release “One Last Cry”, Riding High on the Success of His Debut Track

Sukhan Verma, the promising younger brother of celebrated Punjabi artist Parmish Verma, has announced the release of his new song, “One Last Cry”. Slated for a release on July 12th, the song has already generated significant buzz among fans, thanks to an engaging teaser shared by Parmish Verma on his YouTube channel.

Emerging artist Sukhan Verma made a stellar debut with “Enna Tan Dass De”, a track that resonated deeply with audiences and marked a grand entry into the world of Punjabi music. The song received an overwhelming response, garnering millions of views and accolades for its heartfelt lyrics and soulful composition. Riding high on the success of his debut track, Sukhan is set to charm audiences once again with “One Last Cry”.

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While details about the song remain under wraps, the teaser suggests a track rich in visuals and stunning vocal performance from Sukhan. From the short preview, it is clear that the team behind “One Last Cry” has put considerable thought and effort into making a music video that stands out, promising an unforgettable experience for the audience.

Teji Sandhu has directed the video, contributing his unique aesthetic and storytelling style to the project. Known for his evocative videography in the Punjabi music scene, Sandhu’s involvement signals a video that matches up to the song’s emotional depth.

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The song’s music is composed by Shekh Music, who have previously demonstrated their knack for creating catchy and touching melodies. Kaurijhamat, the lyricist, has penned the heartfelt lyrics for the track, adding another layer of emotional intensity to the upcoming song.The decision to release “One Last Cry” on Parmish Verma’s YouTube channel is strategic, ensuring a wide reach for Sukhan’s new song. Given Parmish’s immense popularity and his own successful music career, his platform provides a perfect launchpad for Sukhan’s second offering.

With its impending release, fans of Punjabi music are eagerly waiting for “One Last Cry”. If the teaser and the buzz around the song are any indication, Sukhan Verma is all set to hit another high note in his burgeoning music career. The full song and video are expected to provide a feast for both the ears and eyes, living up to the high expectations set by Sukhan’s debut track.

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