Sunanda Sharma Teams Up with Bilal Saeed for ‘Udd Di Phiran’; Release Set for July 31

Renowned Punjabi singer Sunanda Sharma, beloved for her melodious tracks, is all set to release a new song, ‘Udd Di Phiran’, in collaboration with Pakistani singer-songwriter Bilal Saeed. The announcement has been met with eager anticipation from fans of both artists.Sharma recently shared a post on her social media account detailing her exciting collaboration with Saeed. This union of talent is expected to create a different and enthralling vibe in the music scene, enhancing the dynamic nature of both artists.

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To shoot the video for the upcoming track, Sharma travelled to Lahore, as revealed in her social media post. The setting, steeped in history and culture, is expected to add a unique flavor to the music video, potentially creating an aesthetically pleasing visual to accompany the tuneful melody.

The song, ‘Udd Di Phiran’, is penned and composed by Saeed himself, promising a fresh and riveting experience for listeners. This combination of Saeed’s lyrical prowess with Sharma’s melodious voice is undoubtedly stirring excitement among their vast fanbase.

The track is set for release on July 31, marking it as a highly anticipated event in the music calendar. Fans of Sharma and Saeed are eagerly waiting for the drop of this new track, which promises a delightful blend of both artists’ unique musical styles.

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