Supreme Court Lawyer Demands Declaration of Amritpal Singh As Terrorist Under UAPA Act

Complaint has been filed against Amritpal Singh by Supreme Court lawyer Vineet Jindal with the Ministry of Home Affairs and the National Investigation Agency (NIA), demanding that he be declared a terrorist under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA). Zindal alleges that Amritpal Singh is guilty of waging war against India, inciting people against the country, and conspiring against the country.

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The protests against Amritpal Singh intensified after the Ajnala incident, and there have been calls to confiscate his passport and send him out of Punjab. Jindal’s complaint adds to the growing demand for action against Amritpal Singh.

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The UAPA Act, which was passed in 1967 and amended several times since then, is designed to prevent unlawful activities that threaten the sovereignty and integrity of India. The Act allows the government to declare an organization or individual as a terrorist and take actions such as freezing their assets, restricting their travel, and subjecting them to surveillance.

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If the Ministry of Home Affairs and the NIA determine that Amritpal Singh’s actions fall within the ambit of the UAPA Act, they may declare him a terrorist and take appropriate action against him.

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The complaint filed by Jindal is yet to be investigated, and it remains to be seen whether Amritpal Singh will be declared a terrorist under the UAPA Act. However, the growing demand for action against him underscores the gravity of the allegations leveled against him.

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