Tania Give Hints In A Picture In w\Which Names Of Tania, AP and Dhanju Are Written On A Coffee Cup. Are They Doing A New Project?

On Snapchat of Taniya, she shares a picture of coffee cups with the names Taniya, AP and Dhanju, Is AP means AP Dhillon? she might be doing work with him, and gives hints to the audience about her new project with him. if they work together then it is interesting to see their chemistry together. However, AP Dhillon is an incredible singer and gives many hits to our Punjabi industry like Summer High, Insane, Excuses, Sada Pyar and so many others which are liked by people a lot.

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On the other hand, Taniya is also a very famous actress and did many movies like Oismat, Sufna, Oye Makhna and various others. In one interview someone put them a question as to whom they wanted to date. and SHE said ‘AP’. if both of them were cumming together, it would be very interesting to watch because people like both of them very much. People will like the pairing of the two together or not, it will be known only by watching

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