Threats To Shree Brar From Bjp Politician’s , Video Inside

Punjabi singer Shree Brar recently came live on Instagram to reveal that he has been receiving death threats from gangsters and politicians. According to Brar, he has been suffering from these threats for a long time because of the truth he speaks in his songs and his constant advocacy for the betterment of Punjab.Brar also claimed that some politicians are planning against him and trying to present him as a terrorist so that they can put him in jail. He stated that he will not stop speaking the truth and will continue to fight for the betterment of the state.

Video Source – Top Punjab

Brar’s revelation has sparked widespread concern and outrage among his fans and the general public. Many people are calling for the government to take action and provide proper security to the singer. They believe that artists should have the freedom to express their views and opinions without fear of retaliation.The incident raises serious questions about the state of freedom of speech and expression in Punjab. It is imperative that the government takes steps to protect artists and ensure that they can freely express their views without fear of persecution.In conclusion, the situation faced by Shree Brar highlights the importance of protecting the rights of artists and ensuring that they can freely express their opinions. The government must take action to ensure that people like Brar can safely share their views without fear of retaliation.

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