Top 9 Best Live Performers In Punjab- Babbu Maan, Diljit Dosanjh, Sidhu Moose Wala & More

According to their singing level, singing capacity, vocal power, knowledge ofmusic, live singing ability, live performance I have listed some artists who can perform and sing live.

SATINDER SARTAJ-A well trained singer, lyricist, composer and having study in music, Satinder Sartaj is king of live singing. Why he is king? Cause he sings while sitting down. With his clear clean powerful voice and with full of energy.

Diljit Dosanjh-Best Punjabi singer ever to be born! He struggled to climb the success ladder, and now, he’s at the top. He is very great live artists. His fans love him when he sings live.His unique style always amazes his fans.

SIDHU MOOSEWALA- he was an active live performer with so much energy.He is blended with his audience by his singing and will be living in hearts of people with his songs.

LAKHWINDER WADALI-Lakhwinder is also comes from very well known music family of Ustaad Puran Chand And Piare Lal Wadali. Professional Training of singing which he got from his legendary father and uncle, makes him a very good live singer.

BABBU MAAN- He do too many live shows, but in most of his shows I note one thing he sing two lines and then he talks for 10 minutes, then again two lines and talks for 10 minutes. This is the best thing Maan Talk openly with the audience. He is very Energetic performer he knows how to handle audience. He has a full army of hardcore fans who are fully committed to him.

GURDAS MAAN-The main reason behind this is that gurdas maan is the legendary artists and some of the old alive folk singer of Punjabi industry. He is active in live performances at the age of 60+.

RANJIT BAWA- Although he lose VOP(Voice Of Punjab) but he is well known rather than Winner. His live shows are in good demand. His powerful performance makes him a good live singer.

WARIS BROTHERS- This trio known for their Showing SirfPanjabiyat . In Punjabi industry these three are gems for us , they give us Best Songs which show’s our Punjabi Culutre . Every Year Waris Brothers Do Mela “Punjabi Virsa” Which present punjabi culutre to new youth of Punjabi’s Living in foreign.

JASWINDER BRAR– very sincere And experienced Singer From our punjabi industry . She gives If you ever watched her live show then your time are going to be worth . She Really Brings up our punjabi industry with her tremendous Voice and Songs

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