“Village of Jawaharke Honors Late Punjabi Singer Sidhu Moosewala: Commemorative Paath, Blood Drive, and Candlelight March Planned”

The village of Jawaharke in Mansa district prepares to commemorate the tragic loss of its beloved son and iconic Punjabi singer, Sidhu Moosewala, in a series of heartfelt events leading up to his first barsi on May 29.In honor of the late singer, the nagar panchyat of Jawaharke organized a ‘paath’, a Sikh prayer ritual, on the eve of his barsi. Attended by a throng of Moosewala’s admirers, the prayer ceremony was a poignant remembrance of the late artist. Charan Kaur, Moosewala’s mother, was present at the paath, held at the spot where her son was brutally gunned down last year.

Touched by the fans’ homage to her son, Charan Kaur addressed the attendees. She vowed to continue fighting for justice until Moosewala’s killers and the conspirators behind his murder are brought to justice. She emphasized, “His murder is part of a big conspiracy. So, it’s important to expose the faces of all conspirators.”

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To further pay tribute to the singer’s memory, a blood donation camp has been arranged in the neighboring Musa village, a testament to Moosewala’s widespread influence and the respect he commanded. Along with the blood drive, a candlelight march will also be held in Mansa on the day of the barsi, as part of the series of remembrance events. A large number of Moosewala’s fans are expected to attend both events.

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Meanwhile, Moosewala’s father, Balkaur Singh, is currently in the United Kingdom overseeing the creation of Moosewala’s 3D hologram for an upcoming world tour.Moosewala’s life was tragically cut short in Jawaharke village on May 29 last year, when six assailants ambushed his SUV and showered him with bullets. The events organized to commemorate his barsi underscore the enormous impact he left on the Punjabi music scene and his local community. As the village of Jawaharke, along with countless fans worldwide, mourn the loss of this icon, their collective hope for justice lives on.

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