Waris Punjab Cheif Amritpal Singh Khalsa’s Instagram Account Banned

As we all know. about Amritpal Singh who is a leader of “waris Punjab de”. he is also known for the many works he started. campaign of Anti-drug, sovereignty and Amrit Parchaar.as per the late information, Amritpal Singh’s account from Instagram is suspended by the Indian government.

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Amritpal account was verified earlier but now when we search for the account “user not found “pops up. the reason for banning the account has not been cleared.This profile is not available in your region message greets those who visit his account. the Twitter account was also banned two months back by the government of India, as he created unrest in the country, especially in Punjab.For many days he was in the headlines because of his pro khalistani remark. and now their Instagram account has been suspended.

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