Waris Punjab De Chief Amritpal Singh Send Letter From Assam Jail Maintains High Spirits in Assam Jail, Accuses Punjab Government of Fake Cases

Amritpal Singh, the chief of ‘Waris Punjab De’, currently lodged in Dibrugarh Central Jail in Assam along with his associates, has claimed to be in ‘chardi kala’ (high spirits) despite the circumstances, according to his lawyer, Bhagwant Singh Siyalka. Siyalka recently met Amritpal Singh in jail, along with the family members of other arrested Waris Punjab De activists.


In a letter written in Gurmukhi and handed over to Siyalka during the visit, Amritpal Singh attributed his high spirits to the blessings of the Almighty. He also accused the Punjab government of registering several fake cases against Sikhs, as well as unleashing excesses on members of his outfit.


Amritpal Singh further stressed that the matter concerned the ‘Khalsa Panth’ and requested the formation of a panel of capable advocates to pursue the cases filed against the members of Waris Punjab De. In response, Siyalka, who is also an executive member of the Shiromani Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee (SGPC), informed reporters in Dibrugarh that a special panel of lawyers will be formed, with its members solely responsible for conducting the judicial process for the arrested activists.


Since March 19, ten activists of Waris Punjab De, including Amritpal Singh, have been brought to Dibrugarh Central Jail after their arrest in Punjab, following a crackdown on the outfit. The activists have been booked under several criminal cases related to spreading disharmony among classes, attempt to murder, attack on police personnel, and creating obstructions in the lawful discharge of duty by public servants.

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