” Way Ahead ” Ep Review

Karan Aujla’s much awaited EP Way Ahead has been released and the much awaited EP has fulfilled that waiting. Like EP’s first song –

Gansta – Proof is provided by the music in this song and YG has done featuring with Karan Aujla in it.Everyone will love this song composed by Karan Aujla.      


Unreachable – This song is a different kind of vibe as the famous rapper Ikja Karan sings with Aujla in this song and this song was leaked before its release but its music is much better in the original release.   

Game over – This song has been performed by Karan Aujla without any collab and as always Karan Aujla’s writing has made this song a different kind of song. The lyrics were leaked before the actual release.

They Know – The music of this song Karan Aujla is very different like the kind of songs their fans want from Karan Aujla. This song is one of them and its music is also done by this proof and this song is also sung by Karan Aujla without any collab.

Ouooo – Karan Aujla has captured some moments of his life by singing this song and there is a lot of diffrent hits in this song  will be loved by those people love karan Aujla.

Overall Karan Aujla’s entire EP this time around is very good according to Trust the Process de and all the songs in this EP were written by Karan Aujla himself as released under Rehaan Records label .

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