“Wazir Patar Addresses 1984 Riots in His Latest Song “Bold and Brave” from the EP Back To Skool”

Punjabi Music Director and Singer, Wazir Patar, is making waves in the Punjabi Music Industry. With his music featured in Sidhu Moose Wala’s GOAT song, he has rapidly risen to prominence. In his latest song “Bold and Brave” from the EP Back To Skool, Wazir Patar boldly discusses the 1984 riots, a sensitive topic that many artists avoid.

Born in Amritsar, Punjab, in 1991, Wazir Patar has been an integral part of the Punjabi music scene since the release of his first music project, “Yaariyan Da Mull,” a song by Joban Sandhu in 2018. He has since given music to Roop Bhullar’s “BP Up” and other songs such as “Never Hope,” “Goddi Hath,” and “Pind Moorhdi.”

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In the song “Bold and Brave,” Wazir Patar takes a stand and uses his voice to address the 1984 riots that left a lasting impact on the Punjabi community. The song’s powerful lyrics and heartfelt delivery have resonated with fans, making it a standout track on the Back To Skool EP.

In addition to “Bold and Brave,” the Back To Skool EP includes several other songs that showcase Wazir Patar’s versatility as an artist. The EP features tracks such as “Street Lori,” “Chup Chup,” “Outlaw,” “Tattoo,” and “One Way.”

Wazir Patar’s collaboration with Sidhu Moose Wala on the song “The Last Ride” has further cemented his position in the Punjabi music industry. This collaboration has increased Wazir’s visibility and brought his music to a wider audience.With a growing discography that includes songs like “Notorious,” “Pind Da Riwaaz,” “Wahzirinthehood,” “Enigma,” “Janaza,” “Majha Side,” “Mashli,” “Tere Choode De Rang Laal,” “Bae,” “Roots,” “Mar Jana,” “Tere Baad,” “Hello,” “Convict,” “Aapna hi shehar,” “Feel,” “New Bars,” “Salook,” and “Bas Tere Karke,” Wazir Patar has demonstrated his ability to tackle various themes and styles in his music.Wazir Patar’s latest song “Bold and Brave” has undoubtedly made an impact on listeners, and it will be interesting to see what this talented artist has in store for us in the future.

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