“Yaaran Da Rutbaa” Action Packed Movie Review

“Yaaran Da Rutbaa” is a Punjabi movie that features a talented cast and crew. The film is directed by Mandeep Benipal and produced by Nitin Talwar, Raman Aggarwal, and Amandeep Singh. The story is written by Shree Brar and the music is composed by Desi Crew, Avvy Sra, and Oye Kunal, with background score by Amar Mohile. Here’s a review of the movie based on its acting, visuals, story, BGM & songs, and direction.

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Acting: Dev Kharoud, who plays the lead role, delivers an outstanding performance as the action hero of Punjab. Prince Kawanljit Singh impresses with his acting skills, while Rahul Dev does justice to his role, despite getting less screen time. Yesha Sagar, Karanveer Khullar, Bhupinder Barnala, Jassi Sagu, and Yogesh Arora also deliver commendable performances.

Visuals: The movie has a promising story but falls short in terms of visuals. The graphical work was not up to the mark, and the film needed a bit of tight editing in some areas. However, the cinematography is good and captures the essence of Punjab.

Story: “Yaaran Da Rutbaa” is a murder mystery that has an intriguing plot, but the screenplay is weak. The story could have been executed better, and the mystery could have been built up more effectively. Nonetheless, the film manages to keep the audience engaged throughout.

BGM & Songs: The movie has 5-6 songs, and all of them are good. The background score plays a huge impact on the movie, as it helps to support the scene and create a dramatic effect.

Direction: Mandeep Benipal has done a decent job directing the film. While the story could have been executed better, the direction manages to keep the audience engaged. The movie has a few loose ends, but the director manages to bring it all together by the end.

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Overall, “Yaaran Da Rutbaa” is a decent watch for Punjabi movie lovers. The movie has a promising story, good acting, and some excellent songs. However, the film falls short in terms of visuals and weak screenplay. Nonetheless, the movie manages to keep the audience engaged, thanks to the director’s efforts and the talented cast.

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