Youth Drowns While Filming Instagram Reel at Talakona Falls

A 23-year-old man from Karnataka tragically lost his life on Friday night at Talakona Falls in Tirupati district while attempting to film an Instagram reel. The deceased, identified as Sumanth, was originally from Mangalore and was pursuing post-graduation studies in Chennai.The incident occurred during an adventure drive to the popular picnic spot in the district on Friday evening, where Sumanth and his friends were enjoying the beauty of the waterfall. According to the local police, Sumanth was filming a playful jump from the top of a stone, for the purpose of creating an Instagram reel, when the tragic event occurred.

Upon notification of the incident, the local police swiftly mobilized expert swimmers to locate and retrieve the body. Sumanth’s body was fished out from the waterfalls on Saturday morning. The police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the unfortunate incident.

Sumanth, who had been studying in Chennai, was visiting friends in Tirupati at the time. His sudden demise has left his friends and family shocked and in mourning.

This tragedy serves as a grave reminder of the risks associated with engaging in potentially dangerous activities for social media content. Officials have urged visitors to exercise utmost caution while visiting natural sites and to respect safety protocols.

Details surrounding the incident are still unfolding and local authorities are urging anyone with further information to come forward. A full report will be made public once the investigation is complete.

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