YouTube Puts Suicide Advisory on Parmish Verma’s ‘Na Jatta Na’ Song Video

Parmish Verma and Laddi Chahal’s song “Na Jatta Na” has been garnering attention on YouTube, with over 8 million views since its release in February 2022. However, the video now comes with a suicide advisory from YouTube, warning viewers that the content may contain topics related to suicide or self-harm. The advisory advises viewers to exercise discretion before watching the song.This advisory has caused concern among fans of Parmish Verma, who are calling out to YouTube to remove the advisory. Some have argued that the song’s lyrics do not contain any explicit references to suicide or self-harm, and that the advisory is unjustified. Others have raised concerns about the impact that the advisory may have on the viewership of the video.


Regardless of the debate surrounding the advisory, it is clear that YouTube is taking a proactive approach to addressing potentially sensitive or harmful content on its platform. The company has faced criticism in the past for failing to remove harmful or inappropriate content, and it seems that the suicide advisory is one of the steps it is taking to address these concerns.


Overall, the advisory on “Na Jatta Na” highlights the ongoing challenges faced by content creators and platforms in navigating complex issues related to mental health and sensitive topics. It also highlights the importance of exercise caution and sensitivity when creating and sharing content online.

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