Zomato Delivery Agent’s Surprising Text Offer: ‘Cigarette Drug’

In an unexpected turn of events, a screenshot from Zomato’s chat window has recently caused a stir online. The screenshot highlights a message sent by a delivery agent during a late-night food delivery and has left many shocked and amused.

Zomato Delivery Agent's Surprising Text Offer: 'Cigarette Drug'

A female customer, placing an order from Subway at the early hours of around 2:30 a.m., was met with an unconventional text from the delivery agent. Along with notifying her about picking up the parcel and being on the way to her location, the agent curiously inquired if she needed anything other than what she had ordered. The initial message read, “I am on my way to deliver your order. Khuch chahiye app ko (Do you want something)?”. But it was the following text that took the customer by surprise. The agent further inquired if she needed “Cigarette Ganja”.

The screenshot of this chat has now spread like wildfire, attracting a mix of shock, concern, and amusement from netizens. While some have criticized the agent for his unprofessionalism, others found the incident humorous, stating that late-night deliveries can often bring about unusual encounters.

It remains to be seen how Zomato will address this issue. Ensuring customer safety and maintaining professionalism is of utmost importance for delivery-based platforms. Instances like these raise questions about the vetting process of delivery partners and the guidelines they’re supposed to follow.

For now, this unexpected offer has given netizens something to chat about, with the story becoming one of the trending topics on various social media platforms.

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