Simranjit Singh Mann Latest Statement “Give us Visa”.

Former Shiromani Akali Dal leader and former police officer Simranjit Singh Mann has openly discussed the crisis in Ukraine in which he wrote on his Instagram post that he wanted students to stay and train in Ukraine instead of returning to India.



The war against Russia must be fought.After this statement of Simranjit Singh Mann, he started making a lot of statements. After which Simranjit Singh was asked in an interview if he would like his son to fight Ukraine against Russia. Simranjit Singh Mann said that “if he gets a visa from Ukraine then he will go to Ukraine with his son in 3-4 days.In this way he said that wherever there is a war in the world, Singhs come to the fore on all sides and at the langar set up by Singha in Ukraine also Simranjit Singh Mann said that Singh used to stand with the people even in bad times. Simranjit Singh Mann also said that the people there eat the salt of Ukraine to fight for that country and win this war.

Video Source – Pro Punjab Tv


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