Exclusive! Info About Simran’s Upcoming EP

Simran Kaur Dhadli who has made a separate space in the hearts of people with her “Dhaakad” writing and “Gaddmi” Singing. Her song are not just “Songs” they are stories that easily can we can understand and Some of her songs make her enemies sleepy.

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In An recent Exclusive Conversation with her, We ask her some questions about her upcoming projects.

*Simran you recently your project in the story, Is it Single or EP?
Simran Replied- “Its an EP with all singles”

*Can you tell us what type of songs we can expect in EP?*
Simran Replied-It’s about everything. My Vision My Lifestyle My ancestors My upbringing

and We believe they all will be powerfull as recent songs of our “Gaddmigayka” and

*One more thing she mentioned theres a big song about which.

Simran Said- “Also , a song includes some lately happened incidents and some “can-never-be-proved” kinda allegations”

So we are eaglery waiting for her song and we sure that EP will not disappoint us.

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