WhatsApp Woes: Ludhiana Local’s Lakh Lament

In a harrowing tale of deception, a Ludhiana resident’s quest for financial growth turned into a nightmare. Amit Kishor, an associate director at Punjab Agricultural University, found himself ensnared in a sophisticated investment scam that began innocuously on WhatsApp groups. Promised lucrative stock market returns, Kishor invested a hefty sum of Rs 1.4 crore, only to discover the bitter truth of fabricated success.

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The scam, which unfolded over several months, saw Kishor added to two WhatsApp groups filled with false promises and fake investment tips. The allure of quick profits blinded him to the red flags, leading to a series of transactions that seemed profitable on the surface. However, when the time came to reap the rewards, Kishor was met with a frozen online trading wallet and a barrage of threats and fake legal notices from the scammers.

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