Birthday Special : All About Famous Youtuber Karan Dutta Vines

Today is the birthday of Karan Dutta who is a Punjabi you tuber who makes Comedy roast Videos. He is a Comedian and a Content Creator and has a huge fan following on his social media platforms. Karan has collaborated with famous brands. He have it’s own official YouTube channel “Karan Datta Vines”.

From his struggling life to success, he have faced a lot of hurdles during his journey. He used to make videos on Instagram, then his fans encouraged him to make long videos and he started to create content for youtube after which he got famous among people. But, the journey wasn’t easy for him, during lockdown he faced the biggest challenge of his life when someone registered a fake FIR against him, he was accused for murder attempt. After that he went to jail and spent 14 days there until he got bail. This incident totally changed his life, and he worked so hard after this and now everyone knows him for his talent.

Now, people are loving his content that he makes for his audience, his roasting videos gets viral every day. Even after a-lot of struggle he never stopped following his passion and today he is well known Youtuber.

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And Because of the love he receives from his fans, he is celebrating his 26th birthday with his family and friends in a fantastic way. He also shared some videos of his birthday venue in his Instagram stories and we can see that the birthday venue is breathtaking. Sirf Panjabiyat team wish him a Happy birthday and a great future ahead.

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