Ban Imposed on Pre-Wedding Shoots Near Sri Harmandir Sahib, Amritsar

In a significant move to preserve the sanctity and serenity of one of the most revered spiritual sites in India, authorities have imposed a ban on pre-wedding photo shoots in the vicinity of Sri Harmandir Sahib (also known as the Golden Temple) in Amritsar. This decision comes as an effort to maintain the religious decorum and tranquility of the area, which attracts millions of devotees and tourists from across the globe.

The ban extends to the surrounding heritage streets near Sri Harmandir Sahib, a place known not just for its spiritual significance but also for its architectural beauty. The decision was made after high-ranking police officials held meetings with photographers and tourists, emphasizing the importance of keeping the religious premises undisturbed by activities deemed disrespectful or inappropriate for a place of worship.

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To enforce this new rule, boards have been installed at strategic locations around the temple premises, clearly stating the prohibition of pre-wedding shoots. The authorities have also restricted professional photography and video recording activities that could disrupt the peaceful atmosphere of the religious site.

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This move has been supported by many, who believe that religious places should not be used as backdrops for personal celebrations or commercial photography. It underscores the need for visitors to respect the spiritual and cultural ethos of Sri Harmandir Sahib, which is not only a central place of worship for the Sikh community but also a symbol of human brotherhood and equality.

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