Diljit, Sonam, Shahnaz: The Power Trio Returns with ‘Ranna Ch Dhanna’ – Get Ready for Cinematic Revolution

It’s a golden era for Punjabi cinema, and a major credit goes to the dynamic artists who are putting their heart and soul into each project. Diljit Dosanjh, an iconic name in the Punjabi film industry, is no stranger to this wave of cinematic success. With an enchanting presence on screen and a passion for storytelling, he has won over audiences worldwide.

Diljit, Sonam, Shahnaz: The Power Trio Returns with 'Ranna Ch Dhanna' - Get Ready for Cinematic Revolution

After the enormous success of “Babe Bhangra paunde ne”, a film that not only set the box office on fire but also won the hearts of millions, there’s no stopping the team behind it. Starring alongside Diljit were the equally talented Sonam Bajwa and the captivating Shahnaz Gill. Their on-screen chemistry, coupled with a compelling narrative, made it a must-watch.

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Building on their previous success, the trio is set to mesmerize audiences once again with their next venture, “Ranna Ch Dhanna”. Slated for a release on 2nd October 2024, expectations are already sky-high. Amarjit Singh Saron, a name synonymous with cinematic brilliance in the Punjabi film world, has taken the director’s chair for this project. Given Saron’s previous directorial ventures and the stellar cast involved, “Ranna Ch Dhanna” promises to be a visual and emotional treat for audiences.

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The announcement of “Ranna Ch Dhanna” has created a buzz in the industry. The trio’s previous venture’s success has set a benchmark, leading to heightened expectations for their next film. However, given the team’s dedication and the prowess of everyone involved, there’s little doubt that the film will be anything short of a blockbuster.

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