Over 3000 Patients Reach EK ZARIA NGO’s Free Medical Camp in Ludhiana, Pictures Inside

In an exemplary display of community service and healthcare support, Anmol Kwatra’s NGO, EK ZARIA, hosted a free medical camp in Ludhiana on the 11th of February, drawing in more than 3000 patients in need of medical attention.

Over 3000 Patients Reach EK ZARIA NGO's Free Medical Camp in Ludhiana, Pictures Inside

The camp was heralded for its comprehensive range of services, outshining the local government’s mohalla clinics in practicality and accessibility. According to attendees, the presence of specialists such as physiotherapists, eye doctors, orthodontists, and nephrologists, along with immediate blood testing and free medicine distribution, made the camp an invaluable resource for those in need.

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The initiative has been praised for its well-rounded approach to healthcare, providing not only medical consultations and treatments but also incorporating elements of traditional Punjab generosity.

In line with the region’s famed langar Seva tradition, the EK ZARIA team ensured that patients and their families were offered meals, ensuring that no one left the camp on an empty stomach. This gesture of feeding the hungry while healing the sick encapsulated the spirit of community service and compassion that is deeply embedded in Punjabi culture.

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