Sarang Sikandar’s Musical Debut: “THEEK HAI NA TU ?” Drops Jan 15 – A Symphony of Legacy and Fresh Vibes!

In the illustrious realm of Punjabi music, where melodies become timeless and voices become legends, Sarang Sikandar emerges as a worthy heir to his father’s extraordinary legacy. Identified initially by the revered name of his father, the legendary Sardool Sikander, Sarang Sikandar is poised to embark on his own musical journey.

Sarang Sikandar's Musical Debut: "THEEK HAI NA TU ?" Drops Jan 15 – A Symphony of Legacy and Fresh Vibes!

While Sardool Sikander’s soulful tunes continue to resonate in the hearts of music enthusiasts, Sarang has carved his own path, making a mark as a music producer for films and songs.


The anticipation reaches a crescendo as Sarang Sikandar steps into the spotlight, ready to unveil his vocal prowess with the upcoming single, “THEEK HAI NA TU ?” – a musical masterpiece that promises to echo the essence of Sardool Sikander’s timeless voice.

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The song, crafted under the lyrical genius of Jaani and the musical brilliance of B.Praak, is a testament to Sarang’s artistic evolution.Scheduled for an official release on January 15, the much-awaited debut on Humble Music Channel holds the promise of a mesmerizing musical journey.

Sarang Sikandar’s rendition is expected to offer a glimpse into the rich musical heritage inherited from his father, creating an emotional resonance for fans of Sardool Sikander. As the music aficionados eagerly await the release, “THEEK HAI NA TU ?” stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of the Sikander family in the vibrant landscape of Punjabi music. Get ready to be enchanted by the soul-stirring melody that transcends generations.

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