Vikram Thori Announces Parmish Verma’s ‘Mental Returns’ – The Long-Awaited Sequel to ‘Rocky Mental’, Set for August 2024 Release

Six years after the smashing success of ‘Rocky Mental’, director Vikram Thori has announced a sequel to the box-office hit, titled ‘Mental Returns’. The news, a delight for Punjabi cinema enthusiasts, promises to bring back the action-packed thrill and the charismatic charm of lead actor Parmish Verma on August 15, 2024.

‘Mental Returns’ is set to take off from where ‘Rocky Mental’ concluded, the story of a local boxing hero navigating the complex worlds of sports, love, and revenge. It’s a comeback not just for the protagonist but for the entire team who gave us the cult classic. The film’s announcement has sparked a wave of excitement among fans who have eagerly waited for the continuation of Rocky’s journey.

Parmish Verma, known for his dynamic performances and distinct style, captured hearts in the original film with his portrayal of the boxer Rocky. His journey in ‘Rocky Mental’ was marked with intense fight scenes, romantic interludes, and a captivating storyline that kept audiences glued to their screens. Fans are enthusiastic to see how Verma’s character evolves in ‘Mental Returns’, ensuring the sequel is one of the most anticipated films of 2024.

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Director Vikram Thori is all set to helm the project, promising to deliver the same level of intensity and drama that made ‘Rocky Mental’ a success. Thori’s vision for the sequel comes at a time when the Punjabi film industry is seeing a surge in popularity, with a number of high-quality productions making a mark not just domestically, but on the global stage.The release date of August 15, coinciding with India’s Independence Day, adds to the anticipation surrounding ‘Mental Returns’. The film’s patriotic release date promises to add an extra layer of excitement to a day of national celebration.


‘Mental Returns’ has the potential to propel Punjabi cinema further into the mainstream, following in the footsteps of its predecessor. Its announcement marks an exciting time for the industry and for fans of Parmish Verma and Vikram Thori, who have eagerly awaited this moment for over half a decade.While further details about the sequel are yet to be released, one thing is clear: ‘Mental Returns’ is set to rock the Punjabi film industry. Mark your calendars for August 15, 2024 – this is a cinematic event you won’t want to miss.

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