Controversy Going On?

Sharry Mann, a famous singer from Punjab, is now known as the Controversial King. As we have seen, after Sharry Mann’s altercation with Parmesh Verma, Sharry Mann shared an old video of Garry and Jasmine on her Instagram, mocking their old relationship and wrote, “These are the conditions of love today, friends. Garry Sandhu has also come up with a response targeting the matter, which Garry shared a photo with Sharry Mann on his Snapchat and wrote : “With my gay friend, who just wants to be famous again”. He elaborated and wrote that we all should learn to respect and accept the fact that our time is gone. If we go, then only the new, young talent will get a chance to come upfront. He also requested fans to follow Sharry Mann.

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On Garry’s Reply Sharry Mann replied in his Instagram story that Gay means that both of us are gay. He even replied to Garry Sandhu’s comment that it was time for the younger generation to take over and their time was gone. Sharry wrote that nobody has supported new talent more than him and everyone knows that.Sharry ended his message by Saying Garry to not take these things too seriously and remember the time they first met at the Sainsbury Birmingham during Sharry Mann’s first ever tour in the UK. Fans of both Artist’s make memes on this topic . Garry Sandhu not getting recommented on Sharry mann reply . so lets see this reply’s Controversy going on ??

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